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Wunden Corns

Translations for decubitus ulcer in the PONS Online English» German Dictionary: decubitus ulcer. Sore definition, physically painful or sensitive, as a wound, hurt, or diseased part: a sore arm. See more.

Wunden Corns Die Ursachen und Folgen der Thrombophlebitis

But for the real Mark Schultz, whom Tatum plays in the film Foxcatcher, it has become a Wunden Corns point.

It's always been the same: Tim Stoddard has a sore arm and they believe Thrombophlebitis auf den Beinen verletzt. Lately, Richard Dawkins seems to scan the world for sore spots, take a good poke, and revel in the ensuing outcry.

After ONE practice session on a wooden horse my arm and legs were sore days later, Wunden Corns. The horses are all very tired, and many of them have sore backs. To consider these evils, to find their remedy, is the most sore necessity of our times. Brother Mark of the Spicarium is sore smitten with a fever and could not come.

Evidently the Street and all that pertained was a sore subject. His mind refused to work out the problem; his side was so sore. Old Irish saeth "pain, sickness", Wunden Corns. Old English sar "bodily pain or injury, wound; sickness, Wunden Corns, disease; state of pain or suffering," from root of Wunden Corns adj.

Now restricted to ulcers, boils, blisters. An open skin lesion, wound, or ulcer. Painful to the touch; tender. Angry; irritated; pissed off: The Best Internet Slang. See more synonyms on Thesaurus. He is sore because of all that exercise. He was sore because he had to wait. Origin of sore Expand. Examples from the Web for sore Expand. Explorations in Australia John Forrest.

K Mary Roberts Rinehart. British Dictionary definitions for sore Expand. Word Origin and History for sore Expand. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. Copyright Wunden Corns by HarperCollins Publishers. Idioms and Phrases with sore Expand. In addition to the idiom beginning with. Scrabble Words With Friends. The weirdest jobs that actually exist.

krampfaderngroup.info Favorite Quotes. Man kann mich foltern und sogar töten, dann haben Sie zwar meinen Leichnam, Die Wunden bleiben.

Self-adhesive flat items, method of making them and their use EP B1. Sheet-like structures according to Claim 1 to 3, characterised in that the polyhydroxy compounds of the liquid dispersing agent have an average molecular weight between 1, and 8, in particular between 2, and 6, Sheet-like structures according to Claim 1 to 4, characterised in that the polyhydroxy compounds of the liquid dispersing agent have an average OH number between 25 and 84, in particular between 28 and Sheet-like structures according to Wunden Corns 1 to 5, characterised in that the liquid dispersing agent Wunden Corns essentially free of hydroxy compounds having a molecular weight below 1, in particular below 1, Wunden Corns, Sheet-like structures according to Claim 1 to 6, characterised in that the isocyanate number K is between 18 and 55, and in particular between 20 and Sheet-like structures according to Claim 1 to 7 in the form of a medical plaster, wound dressing, medical fixing tape or non-slip inelastic or elastic bandage.

Process for the production of sheet-like structures according to Claim 1 to 8, characterised in that a reaction mixture composed of a one or more polyisocyanates.

Use of sheet-like structures according to Claim 1 to 7 as medical plasters, dressing materials, Wunden Corns, fixing tapes, repair materials, adhesive labels or adhesive surfaces for insects. Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft neuartige selbsthaftende Flächengebilde, bestehend aus mindestens einer Trägerschicht und mindestens einer Haftschicht auf Basis von Polyurethan-Gel.

The present invention relates to novel self-adhesive sheet-like structure, consisting of at least one carrier layer and at least an adhesive layer based on polyurethane gel. Selbstklebende Flächengebilde, wie zB medizinische Pflaster, sind in vielfältigen Ausführungsformen bekannt. Self-adhesive fabric, such as medical patches are known in various embodiments. Die Hautpflaster für medizinische Zwecke weisen üblicherweise klebende Flächen auf Basis von Kautschuk-Harzen oder von Polyacrylaten auf.

The skin patch for medical purposes typically have adhesive surfaces on the basis of rubber resins or polyacrylates. The pavement with rubber adhesive surfaces have the disadvantage that difficult to remove residue left on the skin when the patch is removed again. In addition, these patches often cause Wunden Corns irritation. Die Nachteile von Pflastern mit Haftflächen auf Polyacrylat-Basis liegen in den teilweise auftretenden Hautrötungen bis zu Hautreizungen und in den Hauterweichungsprozessen, die sich allgemein bei ungenügendem Luftzutritt zeigen.

The disadvantages of patches with adhesive surfaces based on polyacrylate are in the partially occurring redness to skin irritation and in the Hauterweichungsprozessen which generally show up in insufficient air access.

These disadvantages are particularly to occur when polyacrylate adhesive surfaces are more than a day on the skin and even if the area covered by the adhesive surface Wunden Corns a Wunden Corns extent.

It has now been found that one obtains self-adhesive fabric which adhere well on rough and uneven surfaces, Wunden Corns, virtually residue-free removable and additionally are tolerated by the skin when coating arbitrary substrates with a polyurethane reaction mixture that hardens to form a solid structure, highly elastic gel.

The stated averages of molecular weight and OH number are to be understood as a number average. The Wunden Corns finally, the use of self-adhesive fabric in medicine, particularly as staples or adhesive plaster, bandage or gauze. The fabrics of the invention can be prepared by methods known per se from Wunden Corns starting compounds known from polyurethane chemistry, as described for example in DE-OS 3, and DE-OS 3, It is essential, however, that the selection of the gel-forming components above-defined conditions are met, otherwise non-tacky instead of self-adhesive gel layers, elastic gels are obtained.

According to preferred polyhydroxy compounds are polyether polyols, such as are mentioned in detail in the obep mentioned German published patent applications. Als Polyisocyanatkomponente sind sowohl cyclo aliphatische als auch aromatische Isocyanate geeignet, Wunden Corns. As the polyisocyanate Wunden Corns in both cyclo aliphatic and aromatic isocyanates are useful.

Bevorzugte cyclo aliphatische Polyisocyanate sind 1,6-Hexamethylen-diisocyanat sowie dessen Biurete und Trimerisate bzw. Preferred cyclo aliphatic polyisocyanates are 1,6-hexamethylene diisocyanate and its biurets and trimers and hydrogenated diphenylmethane diisocyanate "MDI" - types. Preferred aromatic polyisocyanates are those obtained by distillation, such as MDI mixtures of 4,4'- and 2,4'-isomers, Wunden Corns, or 4,4'-MDI and toluene diisocyanate "TDI" - type.

The TDI types may vary due to modifications as biuretization or trimerization, include higher functional units, Wunden Corns.

According to the invention the starting components are selected so that the gel-forming reaction mixture, the average NCO functionality of between 2 and 4, the average polyol functionality of 3 and 6 and the isocyanate index between 15 and 70, preferably between 18 and 55, more preferably between Wunden Corns and 45 lie.

As inorganic fillers, for example, barite, chalk, gypsum, kieserite, soda, titanium dioxide, Wunden Corns oxide, silica sand, kaolin, carbon Wunden Corns and hollow microspheres may be mentioned. Organic fillers such as powders based on polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, urea-formaldehyde and polyhydrazodicarbonamide for example, from toluene diisocyanate and hydrazine can be employed. As short fibers such as glass Wunden Corns from 0. Metallpulver, wie zB Eisen- oder Kupferpulver, Wunden Corns, können ebenfalls bei der Gelbildung mitverwendet werden.

Metal powder such as iron or copper powder, may also be included in gel formation. In order to impart the desired coloration to the gel according to the invention, the known in the coloring of polyurethanes dyes or color pigments can be used organic or inorganic base, such as iron oxide or chromium oxide pigments, phthalocyanine or monoazo-based pigments.

Das bevorzugte wasserbindende Mittel sind Zeolithe. The preferred water-binding agents are zeolites. Surface-active substances such as cellulose powder, activated carbon, silica products and chrysotile asbestos may be mentioned. Als flüssige Streckmittel können beispielsweise Wunden Corns, alkoxy- oder halogen-substituierte aromatische Verbindungen, wie Dodecylbenzol, m-Dipropoxybenzol oder o-Dichlorbenzol, halogenierte aliphatische Verbindungen, wie chlorierte Paraffine, organische Carbonate, wie Propylencarbonat, Carbonsäureester, wie Dioctylphthalat, Ethylstearat, Laurinsäurehexylester, Isopropylmyristat, Isopropylpalmitat oder Dodecylsulfonsäureester oder organische Phosphorverbindungen, wie Tricresylphosphat, verwendet werden.

As liquid diluents, for example, alkyl- alkoxy- or halogen-substituted aromatic compounds Wunden Corns as dodecyl benzene, m-Dipropoxybenzol or o-dichlorobenzene, halogenated aliphatic compounds, such as Wunden Corns paraffins, organic carbonates such as propylene carbonate, carboxylic acid esters such as dioctyl phthalate, ethyl Wunden Corns, hexyl laurateisopropyl myristate, isopropyl palmitate or Dodecylsulfonsäureester or organic phosphorus compounds such as tricresyl phosphate, are used.

Weiterhin können als flüssige Streckmittel auch höhermolekulare Polyole eingesetzt werden deren Hydroxylgruppen verethert, verestert oder urethanisiert sind, sowie Paraffinöle und Silikonöle.

Further, as liquid extenders high molecular weight polyols whose hydroxyl groups are used etherified, urethanized or esterified, as well as paraffin oils and silicone oils. The amount of fillers and Wunden Corns in the gel layer can be up to 50 wt. Zur Modifizierung der Hafteigenschaften der Gelschicht können gegebenenfalls Zusätze von polymeren Vinylverbindungen, Polyacrylaten und sonstigen in der Klebstoff-Technik üblichen Copolymeren bzw.

To modify the adhesive properties of the gel layer may optionally additions of polymeric vinyl compounds, polyacrylates and other in the adhesive art conventional copolymers or also adhesive based on natural substances up to a content of Foren über Krampfadern wt. Die Schichtdicke des Gels kann z, Wunden Corns. The layer thickness of the gel can be, for.

The support materials contained in the self-adhesive sheet materials according to the invention can be of different origin, ie materials based on natural, semi or Wunden Corns synthetic raw materials, Wunden Corns, and organic or inorganic origin are used.

For example, can be used plastic and metal foils, mats, non-wovens, knits or fabric of organic or inorganic fiber material, Wunden Corns, paper, cardboard, wood, leather and Wunden Corns films Wunden Corns combinations of these support materials. Für die medizinische Anwendung Wunden Corns sind luft- und feuchtigkeitsdurchlässige Flächengebilde, zB mikro- und makroporöse Kunststoffolien, elastische textile Trägermaterialien, insbesondere Stretchgewebe, und Mullbinden.

Preferred for medical application are air- and moisture-permeable sheet, such as micro- and macro-porous plastic, elastic textile backing materials, Wunden Corns, especially stretch fabric, and gauze bandages. The preparation of the gels contained in the fabrics according to the invention can be carried out in various ways. Man kann zB Wunden Corns dem one-shot- oder dem Prepolymer-Verfahren Wunden Corns. You can Krampfadern ist Vererbung oder nicht, for example, by the one-shot or prepolymer process.

Beim Prepolymer-Verfahren sind zwei Arbeitsweisen möglich. In the prepolymer process, two procedures are possible. Entweder stellt man Wunden Corns ein Isocyanat-Prepolymer her, Wunden Corns, indem man einen entsprechenden Anteil der Polyolmenge mit der gesamten, Wunden Corns, für die Gelbildung vorgesehenen Isocyanatmenge umsetzt, Wunden Corns, und fügt dann dem erhaltenen Prepolymer die restliche Menge an Polyol sowie gegebenenfalls Füll- und Zusatzstoffen zu und mischt intensiv.

Either one first sets isocyanate prepolymer is prepared by reacting a corresponding proportion of the polyol with the whole, intended for the gel formation of isocyanate, and then added to the prepolymer obtained, the remaining amount of polyol and, where appropriate, fillers and additives to make and mixed thoroughly. Or are employed the entire, provided for the amount of polyol gel formation with a portion of the isocyanate to a hydroxyl-prepolymer and then mixed to the remaining amount of isocyanate to.

One inventively particularly advantageous procedure is a variant of the one-shot process and the hydroxyl-prepolymer process. Hierbei werden das Polyol bzw.

Here, the polyol or polyol mixture, where appropriate, the fillers and additives, catalyst, and two different diisocyanates are combined in one shot and mixed thoroughly to give a diisocyanate and an aromatic diisocyanate is aliphatic.

It can be assumed that initially a Hydroxylprepolymer created through the different reactivity of the two diisocyanates, which then reacts within minutes with the other diisocyanate to form a gel.

Bei diesen Verfahrensweisen kann die Förderung, Dosierung und Mischung der Einzelkomponenten oder Komponentengemische mit den für den Fachmann in der Polyurethan-Chemie an sich bekannten Vorrichtungen erfolgen. In these procedures the conveying, metering and mixing of the individual components or component mixtures with the devices known to those skilled in polyurethane chemistry which can be carried out.

The preparation of the fabrics of the invention can be carried out continuously or discontinuously. Die Arbeitsweise hängt von den vorgegebenen, mit einer Haftschicht zu versehenden Flächengebilden ab, Wunden Corns. The procedure depends on the set, Wunden Corns, with an adhesive layer to be provided fabrics. Wenn man bereits zugeschnittene Trägermaterialien vorliegen hat, ist oftmals eine diskontinuierliche Wunden Corns vorteilhaft.

If you are already tailored support materials, Wunden Corns, a discontinuous mode of operation is often advantageous.

Die kontinuierliche Arbeitsweise empfiehlt sich bei der Beschichtung von Trägermaterialien, die in endloser Form, zB als Wunden Corns, vorliegen. The continuous procedure is advisable for coating substrates, which are present in continuous form, eg rolls. Der Wunden Corns der gelartigen Haftschicht auf das Trägermaterial kann dabei direkt oder nach dem Umkehrverfahren erfolgen. The mission of the gel-like adhesive layer on the support material may be direct or by the reversal process.

The gellable reaction mixture can be said processes is also before it solidifies, doctoring or spraying Wunden Corns the reaction.

Das Sprühverfahren ermöglicht zB die einfache, punktuelle Beschichtung von grobmaschigen Geweben. The spraying allows for example elastische Knie mit Krampfadern simple, Wunden Corns, selective coating of coarse mesh fabrics.

An advantageous treatment of the fabrics of the invention is irradiation with gamma rays, whereby the adhesiveness of the gel layer is improved, Wunden Corns, that is, the adhesive strength of the sheet with respect to any desired substrates is increased. A significant advantage of the fabrics of the invention in the application as medical tape is the good skin compatibility.

Es Wunden Corns sich keine Mazerationen oder sonstige durch Luft- und Wasserdampfundurchlässigkeit hervorgerufene Hautschäden. Shown are no maceration or other by air and water vapor permeability induced skin damage. Moreover sheet of the invention can replace a plaster virtually residue-free and with a slight train back from the skin without hair removal occurs.

A particular embodiment of the fabrics of the invention thus provide wound dressings is composed of an a self-adhesive polyurethane gel containing substrate on which a wound pad is positioned centrally to complete wound to the sides all around. Hierbei kann das Trägermaterial z. Wunden Corns sowie Geweben auf Basis von z. Kunstseide oder Stretchgewirken auf Basis von z. Here, the support material, for. Example, from a plastic film on the basis of, for, Wunden Corns.

Example, PVC, Wunden Corns, polyurethane or polyethylene, or preferably textile fiber webs on the basis of z, Wunden Corns. Als saugfähiges zentrales Wundkissen können die als wundverträglich bekannten Materialien wie z. As a central absorbent wound pad known as sore compatible materials such.

As cotton gauze, PUR foam sheet or textile viscose nonwoven fabrics can be used with fabric texture. Bevorzugt sind aber Wunden Corns aus einer Wundauflage auf Basis von z. Baumwollmull oder textilem Viskose-Vliesstoff, der gegebenenfalls aluminiumbedampft ist, und einer Saugschicht auf Basis von z.

Preferably, however, combinations of a wound dressing based on z. The wound pad can also consist of an absorbing wound secretions chemically crosslinked gel, z.


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